Ruiying Liu’s Writings About Complexity

15138471_1262203650510607_1863484611030627665_oEveryday reflections on complexity, cognition and the city. Publishing in student magazines in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Ruiying Liu has introduced some of her ideas:


Where this all started: stories of the people behind Complexity, Cognition and the City
The Origin of Complexity in Bnieuws, 50(04)
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How hand-drawn lines mediate the agency of urban design in the visual media: learning from Frits Palmboom
All About Lines—A Palmboom View, in Bnieuws, 50(06) 
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Discovering the source behind metaphors and analogies of urban designers in the faculty
Analogues and the Source Blood of Design: Mindspotting of urbanism designers, in Atlantis, 27. 3

The Dutch planning concept, the Green Heart: its role in cognitive and societal processes
From Legacy to Legacy in Bnieuws, 50(07)
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A metaphorical-thinking perspective on Chinese Fengshui
The Elusive Wind and Water in Bnieuws, 50(02)
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How to break out of the Cartesian space and codification when mapping places
Warped Geographies: 3 Drawings, with Leo van den Burg, in Atlantis, 27.1

Reflecting on design education and a tribute to Christopher Alexander
Design is Not a Tree in Bnieuws, 50(02)
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